Alice's Story: a bully's horrible home life

by Sydney

Isabella: Alice, why didn't you cleanse the floor while I was gone, you are such a worthless stepdaughter!
Alice(angrily): Why should I care about you? If my daddy were still here and saw how you treated me, he would've been livid. I'm leaving for school!
(Isabella grabs Alice's long, golden brown haired ponytail):
Isabella: Don't use that tone of voice with me, Allie!
Alice: It's Alice!
(Alice heads to school where her friend, Brittany, waits):
Brittany: OMG, Alice, what happened to your face?
Alice: My stepmom did it.
Brittany: Gee, she's a monster!
Alice: I know, but she doesn't care about anyone but herself. Ever since my mom died in that motor vehicle accident four years ago when I was three and my father remarried the horrible Isabella, I've been yelled at her almost daily.
Brittany: That must've sucked.
Alice: Yeah. Speaking of horrible, there's that nerd, Diana. Let's go and make fun of her horrible haircut!
Brittany(reluctantly): I don't think we should, Alice, that's not nice to do at all.
Alice: I'll get you that new expensive phone you wanted.
Brittany: No, I won't!
Alice(angrily): Ugh, fine. If you won't do it, I will!
(Brittany hides underneath the table in fear):
Brittany: I've got a bad feeling about this.
(The other kids stare in horror):
Layla(nervously): I'm going to get Mrs. Sanchez!
Ruby: Layla, what are you doing?
Layla: Going to get help for Diana!
Ruby: Hurry or she'll see you!
Alice: Well, well, well, look what the cat brought from the junkyard, an ugly, hideous nerd!
(Some of the kids laugh while others watch nervously)

(Jane, a girl from Brittany and Alice's clique, tries to stand up for Diana, but is rebuked by Alice):
Jane: Alice, knock it off, Diana's done nothing to you!
Alice: Stay out of this, Jane, this has nothing to done with you!
Jane: Well, I doubt that.
Alice(confused): What do you mean?
Jane: I've got witnesses.
(Jane nods her head and Layla heads in with Mrs. Sanchez)
Alice: What, you've been secretly working with Layla the whole time?
Diana: She has. And also, my tears weren't real, they were actually the work of a tear stick.
Brittany: I told Layla to get Mrs. Sanchez as well.
(Alice looks in anger and signals for the rest of her girls)
Alice: Maya, Gabriella, Lucy, get her!
Maya: Yeah, no thanks.
Gabriella: We're not listening to you anymore!
Lucy: We quit!
Jasmine: Tu es horrible ami!
Logan: She said you are a horrible friend!
Kaitlyn: Monstre!
Logan: She said monster!
Mrs. Sanchez: You're coming with me, young lady!


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