Western Skits

Here is a great list of western skits:

The Tombstone Stagecoach - Short funny skit for 3 adult actors.

This style of skit is still quite popular in our culture today. Country and Western music has never been more popular and many people still enjoy a good old cowboy style TV show or movie. Skits of this genre are no exception. They are still extremely popular and in much demand.

Some of these skits will be geared to middle-aged people, while others to teenagers, some to kids, and still others to senior citizens. There are a good many skits in this genre that are often performed by scout troops. As well, Christian youth groups have done many western type dramas. And let’s not forget all the classroom skits that are out there for this type of genre. And, of course, many of these skits can be used among any of the age brackets by any groups or individuals.

Families many times enjoy putting on a skit such as these for their family get-togethers, such as family reunions and such. They help bond a family together in a special way as everybody laughs and has a good time.

A lot of other types of skits can be “westernized” and made into an absolutely hilarious spoof. It takes a little creativity and experimentation, but you can really come up with some wild and fun skits this way.

Costumes can be so simple and easy for these skits. A cowboy hat, a bandana around the neck. If you have a toy gun and holster, all the better! Oh, and don’t forget the cowboy boots! The girls’ and women’s costumes might be a little trickier, but you might be able to find something at a thrift store, easily make something, or try one of the many costume stores if you’re serious about doing some western-themed skits.

Remember, our website is a work in progress. It is going to grow by leaps and bounds – literally. We have so many ideas and so many skits and plays we are going to be giving you here. It all just takes that precious commodity – TIME. So please check back often as we are constantly adding new things.

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Western Spoofs at Old Time Radio

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