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Although the scripts on this site are supplied for free, their use is not without some necessary conditions and limitations to protect the material and my interests in it as creator. The phrase "free to use" does not mean I relinquish any rights to them. Please read this page to familiarize yourself with the allowed uses and exceptions.

The following statement is at the bottom of each script. After it you will find additional details that expand upon the rights and possible fees or exceptions.

This and any other skit material on this site is copyrighted by Skits-O-Mania. Use of their material is limited by the following terms:

You may print out and duplicate as many copies as you need to distribute to your performers, but republishing on the Internet, in print, or in any other manner is expressly forbidden.

If you wish to share a script, link to it, but don't copy and publish it.
You may only print out the document in its original format, which contains the Skits Mania copyright information. If you need to alter or edit it, make sure that all copies printed retain the authorship and copyright info.

You may videotape the production for your own purposes. However, no broadcast of the performance of this material may be made over television, internet or radio, without special permission, which depends on the authorship and copyright info also being posted. Please respect all copyrights of Skits-O-Mania.

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