Skits for Kids

These skits for kids are easy to act out and quick to put together.  Kids love performing skits for such activities as family get-togethers, camping trips, holidays, for neighborhood parties, and many other opportunities.

Skits for Kids:

The Doctor's Office

A patient is waiting to see the doctor.  Another patient is already in the waiting room and complains of a sore toe.  A nurse brings the sore toe patient  into the doctor's office and he comes back out with his toe bandaged.  "What happened?" the first patient asks.  "My toe ached and so the doctor cut it off."  Another patient goes in complaining of a sore hand and comes back out with a bandaged hand.  She says, "My hand ached so the doctor cut it off."  Have several patients with different body part ailments go in to see the doctor and come out with that body part bandaged.

When the nurse finally calls the first patient to come see the doctor, he jumps up and starts to run out of the waiting room.  The nurse calls after him, "Wait!  What's the matter?"  The patient says, "You don't understand, nurse.  I have a HEADACHE!"

Sleepless Nights:

A man is unable to sleep and is tossing and turning in his bed.  He complains of the noise.  Somebody offstage makes quiet sounds such as wind blowing gently, leaves rustling, maybe a board creaking quietly.  The man says he can't sleep with all this noise.  Finally he gets up and goes to the Wise Man for help.  The Wise Man sits behind a table with a big book to consult.  He tells the sleepless man, "This is a serious problem.  But I can help you.  What you need is a cat.  Go and get a cat."

The man buys a cat and takes it home.  (Someone should act out being the cat.)  The man goes back to bed.  The same noises of gentle wind blowing, leaves rustling and a board creaking continue and now the cat meows.  The sleepless man goes back to the Wise Man and is told to get a dog.  He buys a  dog and comes home.  He tries to sleep.  The wind, leaves and board continue; the cat meows and the dog barks.  The sleepless man continues to visit the Wise Man and is told to get another animal each time.  At last he has a cow, a horse, a pig, etc.  Add whatever animals you like that are noisy.

Finally the sleepless man tells the Wise Man that he cannot stand it any longer.  The Wise Man tells him to go home and get rid of all of the animals.  He leads the animals offstage and comes back.  He lies down.  The wind blows gently, the leaves rustle and the board creaks.  "Ahhhh," he sighs."  "Silence at last."  And he falls asleep.

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