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The Doctor and the Victim is a hilarious silent skit where the narrator speaks and tells all the action of the story, as well as what the characters are saying. The actors though are completely silent. The actors have to be quick in order to keep up with the narrator. We performed this and had our granddaughter record the narrator portion ahead of time. It worked out very well as we used the Laurel and Hardy music and her talking. We just had to really pay attention to keep up with her narrative. You could alternatively use a live narrator and they could easily allow you to act out at your own pace. The problem might be that they slow down too much. It’s all in the timing. Try different variations to see what works best for you and your circumstances.

Here is a You Tube video of the Doctor and the Victim:

Other skits of this genre may be completely silent with no speaking at all and not include a narrator. Actors must really put on a performance in these type of skits since they aren’t speaking but they still need to tell a story.

Writing these skits is somewhat tricky and takes a lot of detail to describe the action. While the actors may not have any lines to memorize, they must really read the instructions thoroughly and really understand what is to take place in the skit or drama performance. Since actors are not relying on their words but only their actions, they must really know the skit and what they are trying to portray.

Clown skits are often of the silent variety, where they act them out rather than speaking. Almost mime-like. Although there are certainly many clown skits that have speaking roles.

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