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Radio skits include a feel of the old radio shows from back in the day. If you are old enough to remember them then you know that this era was like no other. From the radio shows like “The Shadow” Gunsmoke,  Amos ‘n Andy, to It’s a Wonderful Life. These are great skits for seniors for senior centers, social gatherings, etc.

Here are our offerings of skits performed as radio shows:

Additional Radio Skits:

And here is a list of more of the most popular shows on the radio:

Nick Carter, the detective.
Lone Ranger
Cisco Kid
Gene Aurtrey
Roy Rogers
Hop along Cassidy
George Burns and Gracie Allen
Gangbusters (Were hits in their time.)
Red Skelton
Milton Berle

Radio drama was at its best in the 1940’s. Most of the popular radio shows were moved to television soon after the development of tv.

In the aftermath of World War II people would depend on the radio for news events and look forward to their favorite shows to take their minds off things.  Entertainment was found in a box called a radio. It was a time when families were gathered around their favorite chairs or huddled on the couch together or around there kitchen tables, taking in all that they could gather. Then later on when most people had at least one car they would tune on the most popular radio shows of all times and listen to them on their car radios as they traveled.

That era may be gone for now and just a piece of history.  There are a few websites on the internet now where you can download and listen to these old time radio programs.  They are so nostalgic and fun to listen to. 

We are offering you a new means to bring it back as well.  Here you will find skits that you can perform yourself in the same style as those old radio programs.  Always remember though, history has a way of repeating itself. Hope you enjoy the skits for your radio drama.

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