Preschool Fingerplays

Preschool fingerplays help preschool children learn about their world.  You can start playing fingerplays with your child as a baby and certainly as a toddler.  Preschoolers particularly love learning through little theatrical performances they perform with their fingers. We have arranged these by themes as best as we could.

Children learn about all kinds of things by doing these plays.  They learn that firefighters are their friends, about different types of animals, about holidays and seasons, colors, shapes and more.

The best time to do these fingerplays with your child is when they are happy and in a good mood.  It is a wonderful bonding time.  They love the simple rhyming of the fingerplays, not to mention getting to use their little hands.  Then later when you are out in public and need to keep your child quietly entertained, like while waiting in a doctor's office or in the car, or in the line at the post office, bank, etc., you can share a little fingerplay together while you wait.  You will instantly calm your child and focus their attention on something extremely positive.

These are also wonderful for preschools, daycares and Sunday school classes to use.  Have all the children sit in a circle on the floor.  The teacher teaches them the rhythms while she does the hand motions, asking them to do it with her.  In no time at all the children will be begging to do it again, do it again.

This can be their first introduction into the world of drama, by learning to memorize lines and "perform."

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