One Act Plays

Here are some one act plays for you to perform with your group.

These plays are obviously plays that only have a single act. There may be one scene or many scenes within the one act though. The origin of the one-act play may be traced to the very beginning of drama in ancient Greece.

These shorter plays are extremely popular with colleges, high schools and small theater companies because they are easy to perform, don’t require a lot of costume changes, and are inexpensive to produce.

Most of these plays have a fresh, cutting edge voice. They are also very topically diverse. The focus is on one or more characters in an interesting situation or two.

The elements of these places include conflict and a good plot and should be believable dialogue, as would be spoken among regular people having regular conversations.

The writers of these plays, the playwright, tries to create a story that all will fall in love with. These are usually clean cut stories with action, adventure and love, and of course a hero or heroine.

There is something also known as a "flash drama" that are short 10-minute plays. They are sort of a sub-genre of regular one-act plays.

Popularity continues to grow in this genre of playwriting and more and more authors are choosing to create this type of play.

We will be bringing you many single act plays here, both original writings and some from the public domain. They will encompass many topics. Remember, if you do not see the topic you are looking for, please contact us and we will write a one-act play for you absolutely free of charge. These would also be posted on our website after and ours Rights of Use would apply to them as well.

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