Musicals for Children

Musicals for Children:

Here are several musicals for children.  These include classical musicals, as well as operettas and other singing and musical plays for children.  We are only providing the scripts, but not the actual music.  You can order those from a music source such as your local music store, Amazon, or some other musical store.  Then your piano player can play the songs and the children sing and act.  There are also some small skits that are more readings with musical accompaniment and performed to music for which you can use any music you desire.

Acting Ballads:

Acting ballads are an old-fashioned type of acting that children used to do to entertain themselves before bedtime.  If there is a piano available the ballads can be sung slowly and distinctly with an accompaniment which introduces an imitation of the sounds of wars, storms, guns or whatever else may transpire in the ballad.  If not, it must be read or recited, taking care to pronounce clearly and give due emphasis to the words.  The characters must come in at the proper moment as the singing or reading progresses, and time their movements to the movement of the story.  The ballad should have as much action as possible.  The actors should read over the ballad several times to become familiar with it so they know when to come in and what to act out.

Coming Soon:  Gilbert and Sullivan Scripts:

Gilbert and Sullivan plays are also extremely fun to do with children and are in the public domain.  We are including some other musicals as well that are in the public domain and you do not need to pay a royalty fee.  Most of these will not have the actual musical scores that you would need for a piano player.  You can usually purchase a copy of these through a book store or music store though.  You will only need one or two copies, thus saving a lot of money.

One thing to keep in mind when doing musical theater for a community children’s theater group is that you may have more kids than you have parts.  What you can do in these cases is have a double cast.  How this works is you have Cast A and Cast B and they would play the parts on alternating nights.   When main players are not playing their main gig they would become part of the chorus players.

We hope to include some Christmas musicals, Easter musicals, and other fun and entertaining plays on this page.  We welcome your submissions, as usual! 

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