Memorial Day Skits

Memorial Day skits are great for celebrating the wonderful holiday in remembrance of our veterans who have died serving our country.  Performing Memorial Day skits for living veterans is a great way to honor them as well.

“One to Remember” A Memorial Day Skit
By Mary Engquist

Cast:  Josephine, Alex, and the son, Boomer (any ages will do, just dress up as a 5 to 8 year old kid.)


Setting: Home

Props:  American flag

   A letter

   Picnic item in the room


Josephine: Hurry up, Alex, or we are going to be late for the Memorial Day picnic.


Alex: Just give me a minute. I lost one of my tennis shoes.


Josephine: I am sure they are in the same place where you took your shoes off.


Alex: But I can only find one shoe.


Boomer:-Hey look, Dad (Boomer walks in the room carrying an old tennis shoe cut in half. He holds one half in each hand).


Alex: Oh, no! It’s the only pair I got. Josephine, come quick. How could this happen?


Josephine: (Runs into the room and looks at the tennis shoe)

Looks like someone got hungry.


Alex: No time to joke now. Where is that dog Toby at, Boomer?


Boomer:Don’t you remember, Dad, he died last year. We are going to the dog cemetery today to celebrate Memorial Day with him.


Alex: Now son, Memorial Day is for folks who died in the Military. We go to their cemeteries and…and…


Boomer: And what, Dad?


Alex: And…Okay, we will take you to the dog cemetery today after the picnic. Now go find my other pair of tennis shoes for me.


Boomer:But, Dad, my dog was not in the Military.


Alex: He is if I said he was. Now chop chop! We are going to be late.


(Boomer exits the room carrying the broken shoes.)


Alex:  Gee, Josephine.

(As she enters the room)


Josephine: I heard you tell Boomer that we are going to the pet cemetery to see Toby. Why would you tell him that when last year you told him his dog was in heaven? You are going to confuse our poor little son.


Alex: He didn’t remember that. I’m the one confused. First, our country calls this holiday “Decorations Day.” Then they change it to “Memorial Day,” and regardless of the day of the week it was always on the 30th of May; no matter what day it fell on.


Josephine: Slow down, Alex. Remember they passed a bill and made it a 3-day federal holiday just for you, so you could have a 3- day week-end. Now quit complaining.


Alex: Yeah, yeah. But don’t forget I am the one who gets up every year before dawn to set the flag to half-mast.


Josephine: No, Alex, you are the one who gets up at noon and takes it down. I am the one who gets up before dawn.


Alex: Yeah, you sure are a good wife, sweetheart.


Boomer: (runs in the room and yells)

Mom, Dad come on!


Alex: What’s the hurry son?


Boomer: I have things to do and people to see. Now let’s get to the picnic. (Hands on hips)


Alex: Okay, son, give us a minute. (Boomer leaves the room.)


Josephine: What was all that about, Alex?


Alex: I think he’s hungry.


Josephine: No, I really think he is up to something. Hey, wait a minute. He left his shirt here tide in a knot.


Alex: Let me see. (He takes shirt from Josephine and unties the knot). Look there is a small flag inside with a note on it.


Josephine: Well, what are you waiting for? Read the note. (as Alex opens the note and starts reading).


Alex: It reads, “Dear Cemetery, if my dog, Toby, is there please place this flag on his grave. If he already has gone to heaven like my Daddy told me last year, then you keep the flag and give it to a fallen soldier. Love, the Little Boomer.”


Josephine: Oh, how cute my son is! And to think he never forgot what you told him.


Alex: Hey, that is an understatement.


(Boomer walks in room and sees Alex with his flag and note.)


Boomer: You see, I need to get to the cemetery and…and…


Josephine: Come here, Boomer. It will be alright (She puts her arms around Boomer who hugs her back, and they both start crying).


Alex: Okay guys, that’s enough of all this. Let’s go party.


Boomer: You mean picnic, Daddy?


Alex:  That is right, Son.


(They all walk off stage with their arms around each other and a Memorial song starts playing.)


The End

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