History of Puppets

History of Puppets:

Have you ever wondered about the history of puppets and where puppets originate from?

Puppets have been around for centuries and in many  different countries, including Japan, Asia, Korea, China and Vietnam, and the U.S.

My favorite story is about the water puppets that come from Vietnam.  They were build out of wood and shown in a waist high pool. They used a rod under the water to support and control the puppets and this gave an appearance that the puppets are walking on water.

The reason this all started was because when the rice fields flooded the villagers would entertain themselves, which resulted in puppet shows, then competition between them. The water puppet was now born.

What about Marionettes? Italy was one of the earliest homes of the marionettes and the name originates from the little figures of the Virgin Mary so called the name marionette or Mary doll.

Comedies were introduced to the plays and finally it led the Church to ban puppetry. Being frustrated then the puppeteers began having their shows and setting up stages outside of cathedrals.  Then it became slapstick puppet comedy.

Puppeteers, drew attention to the theater and sometimes Shakespeare's plays were performed using Marionettes instead of actors.

Working with puppets opens a whole new world, and today you can create and perform in various acts of comedy, use in educational skits, ministry puppeteering, and the list is endless to the possibilities.  You just need a little imagination to carry you to the outer limits.

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