Historical Skits

Historical skits are great for teaching children historical events in a fun and creative way.  Children learn so much easier and more fully when they are completely engaged.  Performing a drama is a wonderful way to get children completely engaged!

Here is our list of skits of history:


Using Historical Skits:

Remember, we are working on new skits all the time, so there are many more skits to come in this category! 


These skits can be used in a variety of classroom settings.  They can be used in a regular classroom with students broken into smaller groups and then they can perform the skits for their classmates.  Each group of 5 or so children would perform for the others and maybe study up on their characters so that the other students can ask questions of them afterwards.

Another way to use these skits is in the homeschool.  Many homeschool families are large and have several children where they could actually perform these skits within their own families.  Or maybe they have some friends, neighbors or cousins who could join in on the fun.  They can perform the skits for parents, other homeschool families, neighbors, grandparents, etc.

They could also be used in a homeschool co-op setting.  These co-ops are usually comprised of many families coming together and teaching classes in their specialty area.  A parent might take on a drama class and perform these skits for the co-op’s open house night or other special event.

These skits could also be used by children’s community theater groups.  They can use them as read-throughs or as actual production numbers for various performing opportunities.

The wonderful thing about these skits is that especially the children who perform in them will learn something of historical value.  They will learn things that would otherwise be too boring for them to retain.  But they’ll remember it because it was fun and creative!

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