Funny Christmas Skits

Performing funny Christmas skits are always a big hit at holiday parties at churches, family gatherings and other Christmas celebrations. 

Funny Christmas Skits:

We will have more skit scripts on this page soon.  If you would like to submit a script you have written, please use our Contact Us page.

More Ideas:

The 12 Days of Christmas

The above is a pretty funny skit and a lot of different groups have been performing it to rave reviews.

Here are a list of some possible motions to do the above 12 Days of Christmas skit.  Some of them may be slightly different than in the video above.  Use what works for you and your group.  Most of all, have fun with it!

  • A partridge in a pear tree (one person jump on top of other person and make a squaking noise)
  • Two turtle doves (act like a bird)
  • Three French hens (say things in French like wee wee)
  • Four calling birds (pretend to call on a cell phone)
  • Five golden rings (flex your muscles)
  • Six geese a-laying (pretend like you are laying an egg)
  • Seven swans a-swimming (pretend to swim or as they do in the above skit roll across on boards)
  • Eight maids a-milking (one guy gets on all fours and the other milks his "udders"
  • Nine ladies dancing (dance like ballerinas)
  • Ten lords a-leaping (leap around)
  • Eleven pipers piping (pretend to play a flute and make a "musical" sound)
  • Twelve drummers drumming (Drum on real drums if you have them, or use your legs, or whatever works for your group)

The Incredible Enlarging Machine:

This is a classic Boy Scout skit that has been re-written for Christmas.  The basic premise is the enlarging machine will take regular items in and then spit out very large items.  For example, a regular candy cane goes in, and a super big one comes out.  Another example is a small Christmas stocking goes in and a very large one comes out.  You just use various Christmas type items that you can come up with that have a small size and a large size.  Watch the skit to get an idea of how it plays out.

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