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Here are our Free Puppet Skits:

Puppet skits are great teaching tools for children of all ages, but especially younger children. I remember when I was a kid, my favorite part of Vacation Bible School was the puppets! There is just something so enthralling and amusing about puppets. Even adults love puppets. Just look at the popularity of the Muppets!

We will be bringing you many, many puppet skits for all the major holidays, Christian skits, plus skits on many other topics such as community safety, hygiene, et cetera. Our Christian puppet skits are our favorites. They teach Bible truths in a fun and creative way. We hope you like them as well. These skits can be used by churches, Sunday Schools, schools, and even children themselves!

Many children enjoy putting on neighborhood puppet shows. If possible the parents can build them a small puppet stage of some type and give them a couple of puppets and these skits, and the children will have a marvelous time of it.

There are many different types of puppets available. There are finger puppets, marionette puppets, full sized hand puppets and even extra large puppets. There are boys and girls, characters of all kinds, including Bible characters and others, community icons such as fire fighters and policemen, and animals of all kinds (pigs, zebras, cows, frogs, lions, donkeys, dogs, cats, etc.). There is really an endless supply of puppets. Because we realize that puppets can be expensive, most of these skits can be changed to whatever type of puppets you have available.

Interested in us creating a personalized DVD puppet show for your special person?  See our mobile puppet shows page.

Read about the history of puppets.

Remember that our website is a work in progress so we are always adding new material for you to browse through and use.

We would also love your skit submissions and your remarks on our skits.

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