Easter Skits

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You can find people celebrating Easter in all parts of the World. Easter always is celebrated on Sundays. Christians may have Easter skits, and Easter stories.  The 3rd day when Christ arose from the grave some churches have special services on mountain tops. They get up before dawn and make their way to worship him.

The origin of Easter was a Pagan Festival and used to be a non-religious holiday.  Then came the 2nd Century and it then became a Holy Festival.

Easter can only fall on Sunday following the first full moon after the first day of spring on March 21st so Easter Sunday can fall between March 22nd and April 25th.

The dates of Easter may change when living in different parts of the World. It is a movable feast and is not a fixed date.

There is a strong belief that Easter may have received its name from Easter the Goddess of spring.

Many years before Jesus was born many people would worship Easter. They used to think that the Sun died in winters and got reborn in spring. The spring days would lengthen and then the suns energy would return.

Before Easter some religions celebrate a Lenten season and it starts on Ash Wednesdays. Lent is a period of sacrifices and can last up to 46 days.

The Easter Bunny started in Easter and is a pagan festival. The rabbit came into it as the earthly symbol of Goddess. The Easter eggs came about and exchanged in springtime and a symbol of fertility.

Over many years came church programs and skits to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the 3rd day when he arose. Some groups on a lighter note will perform skits of the Easter bunny and the sharing of eggs. No matter the reason that many celebrate Easter.

It is a well-known Biblical fact that Jesus was in a grave for 3 days and then was raised from the tomb. We do this in remembrance of Jesus in the last days of his life.

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