Direction Fingerplays

Here are a few direction fingerplays to help preschoolers learn about their left, rights, east, west, etcetera.

Right and Left, Up and Down

Point to the right of me.

(Use both arms and follow action slowly as rhyme indicates.)

Point to the left of me.

Point up above me.

Point down below.

Right, left, up

(Increase speed in pointing.)

And down so slow.

(Decrease speed.)


This is east, and this is west,

Soon I'll learn to say the rest.

This is high and this is low,

Only see how much I know.

This is narrow, and this is wide.

Something else I know besides.

Up is where the birds fly free.

Down is where my feet should be.

And this is my right hand, as you see.

And this is my left hand, all agree.

Overhead I raise them high.

Clap 1, 2, 3 and let them fly.

Right Hand/Left Hand

Right hand to the window, Left hand to the door.

Up to the ceiling, down to the floor.

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