Cub Scout Skits

Cub scout skits are great for cub scout camps and den meetings alike.  They are great for teaching public speaking to young scouts.  These skits could also be used as Boy Scout skits, Girl Scout skits, Brownie skits, Blue Bird skits and Camp Fire Girl skits.  Some modification might be needed.  Some of these are old classics that have been around for decades, while others are new and more contemporary.

Be sure to check out our Short, Funny Skits for additional ideas for scouting skits as many, if not all, of those are perfect for scouts of all ages.

Many of these skits can also be used for Boy Scouts, neighborhood skits, family shows, school talent shows and camping skits.

The Cub Scout program has no set book of plays.  They prefer to use skits and stunts developed by the Cub Scouts.  Based on imaginary heroes, these skits give the boys a chance to live adventure as they see it.  Stunts, pantomines, charades, action songs, and acting gmaes call on the boys' imaginations and make use of their acting abilities.  (From the book "Skits and Puppets" by the Boy Scouts of America.

As with the rest of our website, remember this is a work in progress, and we will be constantly adding content to this page, as well as our many other pages.  We will never feel it is complete because there is always new ideas coming in. 

We would appreciate your help in this regard. Please submit any scouting skits that would be useful to other troops.  We would love to include them on our website and make this an additional resource for people to use when they are looking for skit ideas, skits and plays.

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