Clown Skits

These clown skits are hilarious and fun!  These are great to perform at birthday parties, family gatherings, and other special events where you want a good laugh.

About Clowns and Clown Skits:

A clown is a comic performer, including physical humor and slapstick comedy. They have colorful faces and wigs and especially clothing and wear large footwear.

Clowns have been associated with the circus since the late 18th century.

The most prevalent type of character clown is in North America and is the hero, tramp or a bum clown.

It is no secret that clowns make some people uncomfortable at times.  Clowns were created for social conventions and to speak truth to empower.  Many times they are seen waving their gloved fingers.

When they are right, they are cheered on by audiences, and if they are wrong, usually in the most familiar, human way possible, they show this by their painful or embarrassing pratfalls. Clowns put many people on edge with their suspiciously cheerful costumes, exaggerated facial features, and seeming lack of impulse control.

Clowns are still very popular in the social aspect of entertaining for birthday parties, performing arts, Sunday school skits, circus clowns, high school plays, etc. A clown entertains with his jokes, antics, and tricks in a circus or play and is usually a clumsier rude person.

Clowns that trained in Elizabethan theater played the fool in many Shakespeare comedies.  They are still used today to entertain children in hospitals, convalescent homes, and also the social elite. Skits are a great way to introduce clowns to children.

With the use of our clown skits on this page it may it help you to bring back to life the new kid on a block as a clown acting a little foolishly and shyly, but nevertheless to see a child smile and laugh. May it be the highlight of his day. Please enjoy these skits that we have put together for you and your group. We are always looking for more skits so please submit yours and don't clown around about it. We are serious when it comes to pleasing our community here at  If you have any of your own ideas please contact us.


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