Christmas Plays and Skits

Here is a list of our Christmas plays and skits:

Christmas is such a magical time of the year, and a big part of that magic is the theater! Children love performing in Christmas plays and parents love attending them whether it be at church or school or somewhere else in the community. But children do not have all the fun. Adults also love performing in Christmas skits and plays in their local church or community theater group. Also, many families perform skits for their extended family and friends. What a great way to share your talents and joy with the world!

Please be sure to check out our Funny Christmas skits as well.

Why Perform Christmas Plays and Skits?

I think one of the reasons we love a nice Christmas skit is that it focuses our attention away from all the busy, busyness of the season and helps us to refocus on the real meaning behind Christmas! These plays almost always have a deep meaning or message behind them. Even when they are funny Christmas skits! Maybe especially when they are funny! People remember a good laugh and what it is that made them laugh.

Costumes, sets and props for your Christmas theatrical productions can really be used again and again year after year. Many times you will use a nativity scene with a baby in the manger or other characters from the Christmas story. You easily find costumes for these online or in your local thrift stores, not to mention there are so many patterns that you can create your own! Store them and bring them out again next year. You may have to revamp them for your latest Christmas production, but you’ll draw from and add to your repository of costumes, props and sets all the time.

We will be bringing you many, many dramas to perform in this area of the website.

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