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List of Childrens Plays:

On this childrens plays page we are hoping to give you lots of plays for your group or family to read, perform and enjoy.

Plays are longer than skits and take a little more planning to perform, but they are well worth the effort.  Just using these plays for reading can be a fun activity for children as they get wrapped up in the dialogue and enhance their reading skills.

Using drama is a great way to help children learn to be comfortable when speaking in front of a crowd.

Many of these plays are taken from the public domain, so they are royalty free.  What this means is that you do not need to pay a royalty fee to perform them.  There seem to be some websites out there trying to get you to pay them a royalty fee for works that are in the public domain, so please be careful when you are paying somebody this royalty fee.  The plays we put on this website are free for you to use and we do not ask for anything in return.  We are run solely by Google ads and donations from users who find what we are offering useful.  If you would like to make a donation you can use the button at the right hand column to make a donation.  Please know that we really do appreciate any donations in any amount and it encourages us to keep transcribing and posting these plays and skits for our readers’ use.

All of these plays are great for children’s theater groups to perform as well as homeschool groups and families.  They are also perfect for school children in both private and public schools to perform.  Everybody loves a good school play!

Many of these plays teach good core values which never go out of style.

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