Chicken Fingerplays

Here are some chicken fingerplays simply because preschool children love farm animals.

How to Get Breakfast

Said the first little chicken

with a queer little squirm,

I wish I could find a fat little worm.

Said the next little chicken

with an odd little shrug, I wish I could find

a fat little slug.

Said the third little chicken

with a sharp little squeal,

I wish I could find some nice

yellow meal.

Said the fourth little checken,

with a small sigh of grief,

I wish I could find a little green leaf.

Said the fifth little chicken with a faint little moan,

I wish I could find a wee gravel stone.

Now see here, said the mother from

the green garden patch.  If you want

any breakfast just come here and scratch.

When a Little Chicken Drinks

I think when a little chicken drinks

(Make loose fist.)

He takes the water in his bill

(Cup other hand and dip fist into it.)

And then he holds his head way up.

(Hold up first fist.)

So the water can run downhill.

(Draw other index finger down along first forearm.)

Please submit you fingerplays about chickens.  We need more for this page!  Whoo hoo!

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