Cat Fingerplays

Here are several cat fingerplays for you to enjoy with your toddler and preschooler.  Enjoy!

Mrs. Tabby Cat

Here is Mrs. Tabby Cat (one thumb)

And her little kittens (4 fingers)

Curled up on their little bed,

(Fold fingers and thumb together)

Snuggled with some mittens.

They were startled by a squeek

(Other thumb wiggles)

Their heads popped up to see.

(Hand comes partly open)

Kittens, I think I see a mouse.

Now just follow me (hushed voice).

Creeping, creeping, creeping on,

Silently they stole.

(Fingers undulating toward mouse.)

Just before the cats got there,

The mouse popped in his hole.

(Hide thumb in fist.)

Five Little Kittens

Five little kittens standing in a row.

(Extend left fingers upward, palm out)

They nod their heads to the children so.

(Bend fingers forward.)

They run to the left, they run to the right.

(Wiggle fingers to left and then to the right.)

They stand up and stretch in the bright sunlight.

(Stretch fingers slowly.)

Along comes a dog, whos in for some fun.

(Move right first slowly toward stretching fingers.)

M-E-O-W, see those kittens run!

(Run left fingers behind back.)

(Note:  Preschoolers and toddlers LOVE when things disappear.)

And now for some more cat fingerplays...


The black cat yawns

Opens her jaw

Stretches her legs

And shows her claws.

The she sits up

And stands on four long stiff legs

And yawns some more.

She shows her sharp teeth.

She stretches her lip

Her slice of a tongue

Turns up at the tip.

Lifting herself on her delicate toes

She arches her back as high as it goes.

She lets herself down with articulate care

And pads away with her tail in the air.

Four Little Kitty Cats

Four little kitty cats in a row

(Hold up four fingers on left hand)

Four more kitty cats come and go.

(Hold up four fingers on right hand.)

Eight little kitty cats play in the sun.

(Make sun with arms overhead.)

Rolling and tumbling and having fun.

(Roll and tumble hands from head to lap.)

Then...out came two puppy dogs.

(Stop rolling hands and pop out thumbs.)

And away they run.

(Make fingers run in the air and into your lap.)

Scat cat!

(say quickly in a whispery voice.)

Chase Your Tail, Kitty

Chase your tail, Kitty,

Chase your tail, Kitty,

Now you think you have it.

Chase your tail, Kitty,

Chase your tail, Kitty,

Now you've lost it again.

What a silly kitty!

What a silly kitty!

Don't you know you could chase all morning

And never catch your tail!


A kitten is hiding under a chair.

(Hide one thumb under other hand.)

I looked and looked for her everywhere.

(Peer about with hand over eyes.)

Under the table and under the bed.

(Pretend to look.)

I looked in the corner, and when I said,

"Come Kitty, Come Kitty,

Here's Milk for you,"

(Cup hands to make dish and extend out.)

Kitty came running and calling mew, mew.

(Run fingers up arm.)

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