Campfire Skits

These campfire skits are perfect for performing at campfires. At the top here we'll have some scripts you can print out and practice and perform.  Below we will give you some very quick traditional camping skits.  These skits are suitable for both children and adults alike.

Some Short Skits Without a Script

I Need Water

Put a glass of water in the middle of the stage.  Put a sign on the glass of water that says Oasis.  Have three actors (guys or gals) crawl onto the stage crying out, "Water, Water.  We need water!"  All act it up as if you are really dying of thirst.  Two actors "die" before reaching the glass of water.  The third actor finally makes it to the water after much show.  He picks up the glass of water and acts as if he is going to finally drink it, but instead he reaches into his pocket, pulls out his comb, drips his comb into the water, and combs his hair.  Walks off stage in the opposite direction whistling and combing his hair.

The Jelly Bean Store

One actor plays the candy store owner.  Play it as an old lady or man, bent over and barely able to stand up.  Four customers come into the candy store.  The first customer asks for 50 cents worth of jelly beans.  The old shopkeeper sees that they are on the top shelf and that he must get a ladder and climb up to the top to get the jelly beans.  (Pantomime all of this.)  The shopkeeper should act very unenthusiastic and make it obvious that he does not want to climb the ladder to do this, but eventually does, climbing up the ladder, getting the jelly beans, climbing down the ladder, putting the ladder away and completing the purchase with the first customer.  The second customer does the same thing and asks for 50 cents worth of jelly beans.  The shopkeeper does the same thing again, climbing up to the top to get the jelly beans, climbing down, putting the ladder away and completing the transaction.  The third customer, the same thing.  Each time the shopkeeper is getting more and more fed up with these customers.  Finally, it is the fourth customer's turn.  The shopkeeper says to the fourth customer, "I suppose you want a quarter's worth of jelly beans as well?"  The fourth customer says, "Actually, no, I do not."  So the shopkeeper puts the ladder away.  Then he comes back to the fourth customer and says, "So what do you want?"  The fourth customer answers, "I want 25 cents worth of jelly beans."  The old shopkeeper shakes his fist and chases him out of the candy store.

Why Do Campfire Skits?

Having skits at your campfire nights is a great way to end a day of camping.  Even though you are away from your television sets, radios, computers and other entertainment devices, people still want entertainment.  This must be how camping skits got their start.

Whether you are a large group such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or church camp, or a large family having an annual family campout, performing skits is a fantastic way to spend your evenings.  A little popcorn or smores and you have the perfect night.

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