Boy Scout Skits

These Boy Scout skits are perfect for your campouts or your regular Scout meetings.  We encourage you to submit your own skits to share with Scouts all across the United States.

Some Boy Scout Skits:

Ping Pong Skit:

Two Scouts make loud click sounds against the roof of their mouth with their tongue so that it sounds like a ping pong ball being hit with a paddle.

The two Scouts each hold a paddle and begin playing an imaginary game of ping pong on an imaginary ping pong table, making the sound effects with their mouths at the appropriate times.  They gradually get farther and farther apart, making the clicks farther apart as well.

Finally, they get so far apart that they disappear offstage, or around the back of the stage.  When they reappear they have switched positions and they walk in backwards, continuing the ping pong game.  But now it looks like they are hitting the ball all the way around the world!  They continue playing and walking backwards toward each other until they pass each other so that they are now facing each other again and they play a fast game as before.

The Hamburger Skit

Three characters:  Customer, Waiter, Cook  The cook does not wear a shirt, but only an apron.

The customer comes into the restaurant and sits down.  The water goes to the table and takes his order.

Customer:  I'll have a hamburger and a coke.

Waiter:  Thank you, sir.  (Leaves for a few seconds and returns with a hamburger and a coke.)  Here you go, Sir.

Customer:  Thank you.

The customer takes the bun off the hamburger and starts to put ketchup on it, but before he does he notices something on the hamburger patty.  He looks disgusted and picks up something off the hamburger and calls over the waiter.

Customer:  Waiter!  Waiter, there's a hair on my hamburger.  This is absolutely disgusting!

Waiter:  I'm very sorry, sir.  I'll get you another hamburger.  (He exits to the kitchen and returns with another one.)  Here you are, sir.

Customer:  Thank you.

Again the customer starts to put ketchup on his hamburger but the same thing happens again.

Customer:  Waiter!  Waiter!  Look!  There's a hair in this hamburger too!

Waiter:  I'm so very sorry, sir.  Please allow me to get you another hamburger.  I'm sure it won't happen again.

Customer:  All right, but hurry it up.

The waiter returns with another hamburger and the same thing happens once again.  This time the hair seems even longer and more disgusting than the other times.

Customer:  Waiter!  Look at this!  I can't believe this place!  I demand to speak to the cook!

Waiter:  The cook?

Customer:  Yes, I demand to see the cook immediately!

Waiter:  Very well, sir.  (He calls for the cook.)  Hey, Smiley, there's a customer out here who would like to have a few words with you!

Cook:  (The cook comes out wearing his apron over his bare chest.)  Sure, right after i finish making up some more hamburger patties!  (He rolls up a ball of meat and flattens it by smashing it under his armpit.)

Here are some more Boy Scout Skits in PDF format for easy printing and sharing:

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