Body Awareness Fingerplays

These body awareness fingerplays will help children learn about their bodies, including the five senses and more.

Let's Sniff

A nose is the center of everyone's face,

The shapes may be different

But never the place.

The shapes may be different

But never the use.

We SNIFF with our noses,

And that is the truth.

Let's sniff at a flower.

Let's sniff at the air.

Let's sniff like a bunny.

Let's sniff like a bear.

Let's sniff in the kitchen

at fresh bread and cake.

Let's sniff at whatever.

Let's sniff for sniff's sake.

I'm Like a Tire

I'll play that I'm a tire,

And take a breath just so.

Pretend that I am filled with air,

From head down to my toe.

And then when I am very full,

I'll let it go out slow.

Softly... Softly... Softly... ssssssss

Twisting, Turning

Like a leaf or a feather,

In the windy, windy weather

We will whirl around,

And twirl around,

And all sink down together.

Tongue Exercises

Jack jump out,

Jack jump in,

Jack jump up,

Jack jump down.

Shake your head.

Look out the right.

Look out the left.

Go in and shut the cover tight.

Lock it up.

Put the key in your pocket.

Here Am I

Here are my ears.

Here is my nose.

Here are my fingers.

Here are my toes.

Here are my eyes,

Both open wide.

Here is my mouth

With white teeth inside.

Here is my tongue

That helps me speak.

Here is my chin,

And here are my cheeks.

Here are my hands that help me play

Here are my feet

For walking today.

My Hands Say Thank You

My hands say thank you with a clap, clap, clap.

(Clap three times)

My feet say thank you with a tap, tap, tap.

(Tap feet three times)

Clap, clap, clap

(Clap three times)

Tap, tap, tap.

(Tap feet three times)

I roll my hands around

(Roll hands around)

And then I say Goodbye!

(Wave goodbye.)

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