A Little Princess Theater Script

We hope you enjoy this copy of A Little Princess theater script.  If you click the above link you will be able to get a PDF copy of this complete script.

A Little Princess was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett in 1905.  It was based on her previous serial novel in St. Nicholas Magazine called Sara Crewe or What Happened at Miss Minchin’s Boarding School.

This is a beloved play that has been made into several movies.  Most notably Shirley Temple played Sara Crewe in the 1939 version.  There was even an earlier version in 1917 in which Mary Pickford played Sara.  Most recently is the 1995 version in which Leisel Matthews plays Sara.

My sister and I stumbled upon the Shirley Temple version when we were young girls.  We cried and cried and fell in love with Sara Crewe.  When the 1995 version came out it was so exciting to me to be able to share it with my two daughters. 

This just makes for such a delightful play for a community theater group.  There are a total of 21 parts in this play.  There could be many more non-speaking parts for young girls to be in the boarding school.

Some of the characters include Sara Crewe, the main character, Miss Minchin, the evil headmistress of the school, Captain Crewe, Sara’s father, Becky, a scullery maid and Sara’s dear friend, and Lottie, a spoiled girl at the school. 

This play is in the public domain and you do not need to pay a royalty fee in order to use it.  We have typed the play into a useable PDF format.  If you do want a Word document in order to make changes to it to suit your particular needs, please use the Contact Form to contact us and we are happy to provide it for a small $5.00 processing fee.

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